C Gally Rants: Clemson

Well, that was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it?

Listen, if you’re looking for a positive, celebratory post about going to the Sugar Bowl, check back in tomorrow. This one is all about getting out the rage from the ACCCG. So if you have young children, are a decent person, or are in any way related to me, I would recommend you not read this post.

All the swearing, yelling, and ranting you love, after the jump…



Who would have thunk it huh? A big game that Tech didn’t show up to.

About 5 minutes before kick off, The Ambassador to Milwaukee texts me the following:

“In about 15 minutes, we’re going to find out which Hokie team decided to show up.”

God, does that not tell you everything you need to know about being a Tech fan?

I’m not expecting a win every time. I get that. But at least get off the damn bus.

I wasn’t pissed off after the Boise State game (well I was, but not at the team) because we showed up, had a good game plan, and played hard. Same with Alabama a few years back.

What makes me livid is when we just completely shit the bed and get absolutely EMBARRASSED on national TV. And that generally happens about twice a year.

So what the hell happened?



Zero points in the second half. Sound familiar? Somehow, Clemson was able to replicate what defensive juggernaut Duke did against us.

How many f*cking times does DMFW have to ask for the ball? Two carries in the first quarter? Why do we abandon the running game so quickly? This shit has been happening for about a decade now. It’s like Beamer panics at the first sign of trouble, and puts it all on our not-the-best-at-passing quarterback to win it for us.

And whoever is the o-line has to be fired. Like, even more so than Voldemort. When was the last time we had a decent o-line? Not good. Decent.



Look, I know the injury to Hosley hurt, but c’mon. Clemson had three players on offense. Apparently, our plan was to cover NONE of them.

Again, it’s tough for me to rag on Foster. His track record is irrefutable. But he clearly has issues preparing a defense for a mobile quarterback. It bit us back in October. It has bit us in the past against Georgia Tech. And it bit us Saturday night. I don’t know what the answer is, but if we want to be one of the big boys, we’d better find it.


Special Teams

This one is ALL on Beamer. Danny Coale might be the best punter in the past 5 years. How in the HELL was he not punting for us from the start??

Yeah, he had a shank, but when you keep having to punt from your own endzone, I don’t think that’s very surprising.


Anyways, that’s all I got. Tomorrow will be a much happier tone.