ACC Championship Predictions


Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A guy walks into a bar to watch the Tech-UVA game and has his dog with him. He asks the bartender if the dog can be in there with him. “Why in the world should I allow that?” asks the bartender.

“Well, when the Hokies score he’ll stand on his back legs and walk down the bar and back on just two feet. And when UVA scores, he’ll walk on his front paws all the way across the bar, and back.”

“That’s pretty impressive,” notes the bartender.

“Oh, that’s nothing, when Tech wins, he’ll do back flips down the length of the bar and back,” the owner proudly proclaims.

“What will he do when UVA wins?” asks the bartender.

“Dunno, he’s only 7 8 years old.”


Awesome, awesome game last Saturday.  But now we have Clemson.  Again.  This one is for serious too.  But more for serious.  Because this one is for the Orange Bowl.  Hit the jump.



That game was great.  Nothing like going into Hooville and shutting their asses out.  I wanted to bring some stuff up here today from their message boards from before the game (yeah I love you all that much that I spent time on the UVA message boards) but I got too weary of all the self congratulation on a “great season” and then quickly moving onto ACCCOY speculation and then more congratulation.  So I apologize.  No humorous UVA banter for us to laugh at after the shellacking.  Maybe next year.

Moving onto the winner from last week’s prediction challenge.  Everyone was close to OUR score.  That’s about it.  So anyway, we have to give the win to someone, right?  Funny thing happened though.  You see BDubs was actually the closest score prediction.  But if you recall, a few weeks ago, BDubs came crawling back to CGally and me with tears in his eyes, a little snot coming out of his nose, sobbing about how The NEZ is such a better blog than his and can he please please please come back to write with us?  We, in our infinite benevolence allowed him to write his novellas about VT football.  But since this decision came about, BDubs is no longer allowed to win the score prediction!  Lucky day for you!  So instead of Bdubs, our prediction winner is none other than Poppa Gally!  For this incredible prediction you win:

A 1993 Chevy Cavalier.  Ironically, 1993 is probably the last time UVA, as well as the US car industry was good.  Now the only thing UVA and this car have in common is that everyone just uses each of them as a beater.  ZING!


Clemson, you had your win against us.  Now it’s our turn.

Your predictions:

BDubs: Time for a mother f*cking beat down.  Hokies exact revenge on the Tigers behind DMFW’s 145 yards and a TD.  LT3 runs over at least three guys on his way to 230 yards passing and 2 TDs while running for another 60 and 2 TDs.  Meanwhile, Hosley makes Watkins his bitch and has a pick 6.  Hokies take it 42-17.

DiP: 27-17 hokies

d_w: 38 – 13 Hokies win.. Logan Thomas the Tank Engine delivers two Zombie Kill worthy hits while DMFW breaks ankles all over the place for 163 yard rush day with 2 TD.

Wright: Totally different team than in early October, but the game will still be close. Logan has another qb sneak TD late to put us ahead, and a Fuller pick seals it. Hokies win 27-24 and get set for…Louisville?!?

Lady Wright also made a guest pick this week, taking the Hokies 24-20. She’s only heard of DMFW and the Tank Engine, so they’re predicted to carry the load of our 22 combined starters.

Poppa Gally: What else…………….Blocked kick…………… we win 35 – 13!!!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: DMFW goes for 150 and a TD on the ground and LT has 2 in the air and and another rushing. Hokies roll 38-13.

CMU Football Analyst: 23-17 hokies escape charlotte with a win. A defensive touchdown will make the difference.

Maniak: Virginia Tech takes its tasty revenge on those FUCKING Tigers.  38-0.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Hokie Guru: Virginia Tech wins 31-17.  Hokies are led on the ground by ACC POY DMFW with 145 yards and the L Train makes life difficult for Clemson.

GWay: 30-13 Hokies

SHitzel: 34-7 Hokies!

Token Girl: 28-14 HOKIES. I believe.

CGally: Hokies lay the smack down. DMFW puts up 180 total yards, and the Tank Engine scores two on the ground and two in the air. 31-10 Hokies.

The Northerner: This time the game goes the other way around.  We take out our revenge on the Fighting Dabos, 35-17 Hokies.  The usual, Thomas QB sneaks, Wilson goes nuts, and our receivers make some big plays.


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw yours in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!