You Can’t Spell “Virginia Tech” without “N-I-T”


Another March comes, and another bubble bursts for our beloved Hokies.

Feel free to whine about Florida and Utah State getting in over us. That’s a fair gripe. But Tech had the chance to lock down a 10 seed with a win over one of the shittier teams in the conference, and we couldn’t get it done.

The March bubble team has become Greenberg’s calling card. We’re not advocating his firing or wanting him to go to St. John’s. We went to every game back in 2002-2003. This team has come a long, long way.

But at some point, Seth needs to man-up and take responsibility for this. All we’ve heard from him thus far has been whining. We’re still waiting for him to say, “It’s my fault. We do this shit every year. We lose winnable games, especially down the stretch. And it’s on me.”

Maybe not those words exactly, but you get the point.

So it’s off to the NIT once again. Perhaps another double overtime against Duquesne? Fingers crossed…