Welp, That Sucked

Coach K: So I’m giving you a zj over there?
Ref: Yeah, over there.

32.8% from the field. I’d like to blame last night’s loss on the ridiculous referees, but shooting 32.8% will not win you many games. Since Duke shot even worse, the game was a lot closer than it should have been.

Hell, if we had shot 41% we’d probably have won. And we weren’t just missing contested shots, either. We missed EVERYTHING. Wide open looks clanged off the back of the iron. Layups and putbacks wouldn’t drop. Nothing was hitting.

Christ, we went 2 of 15 from behind the arc. Is that for real? 2 of 15?!?!

So in the end, we blew our shot at the top-25 and the lead in the ACC. We’re still looking good for the tournament if we can take care of our home games.

But dammit, we freaking hate losing to Duke. Now we know how Canada feels…