Thoughts from the Orange Bowl

Well that sucked. ·

I wanted us to win this game. ·Badly. ·

If we couldn’t win, I wanted us to fight and make it close.·

I got neither of my wishes.·

Self-loathing rantings, after the jump.·



– First off, congratulations to Stanford. ·Well played game. ·

– We played decent in the first half. ·In the second, usually our strength, we played like shit. ·Shit that comes out after a night of drinking. ·We were awful. ·Embarrassingly awful.·

– Andrew Luck, while a great QB, didn’t impress me as much as I thought he would. ·He was very good, but we held him well in the first half. ·In the second, well, we couldn’t do shit on either side of the ball. ·I could have thrown as many completions to CGally as Luck threw to his team in the fourth quarter.

– Speaking of QBs, what the fuck got into Tyrod’s head during the last month that makes him think it’s a good idea to keep running backwards on his sacks. ·You’re losing us an extra 5-10 yards each time. ·Cut your fucking losses, man. Take notes, Thomas.

– 12 fucking points. ·Twelve. Fucking. Points. ·Here are the teams who scored more than 12 points against Stanford this year: ·Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Oregon, USC, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona St, Cal, and SACRAMENTO STATE. ·Our offense was awful today.

– I’m disgusted by our second half offense. ·Our O-line was HORRIBLE in the first half and non-existent in the second half. ·Pathetic. ·The whole O-line needs to get the fuck off the team as fast as possible. ·

– Our run game wasn’t there. ·Yet we forced it. ·Bad move. ·I mean we have RMFW, DE and Wilson and did NOTHING with the run game. ·Stanford had our number, and Stinespring could do nothing for us.·

– Speaking of Stinespring, he was in prime form. ·His old self must have gone on a season long vacation, because draw plays on 2nd and 14 were in full effect in this game. ·I remember why we were calling for his head last year and every other year. ·Play calling in this one was pathetic at best. ·

– We couldn’t tackle. ·Then we could. ·Then we couldn’t again. ·Our defense is young, yes, but these are fundamentals. ·Their run game was heads a shoulders above ours. ·This should not have been.·

– Our streak of losses against top 5 teams continues. ·My question is: when is it our turn? ·We have become the quintessential ACC team. ·Look good, good record, can’t finish. ·Embarrassing. ·

– The one thing I didn’t want to happen this game was exactly what happened. ·We got embarrassed. ·If we lost, fine. ·If we won, awesome. ·Just don’t embarrass us. ·But of course, that didn’t happen. ·

– Well, at least we won the ACC Championship. ·We always have next year. ·

– Even though we lost, I want to say thank you to all of our seniors.  We appreciate everything you have done for us in your time at Tech.  We wish you all the best in the future.  Unless you get drafted by Dallas, the Jets, or the Giants.  Then fuck you.  Just kidding.