Still Kickin’ Ass

Well, we are just totally dominating these games. Wouldn’t surprise us to see the US take down Canada in hockey, even. America, f*ck yeah.

Last night…

Evan Lysacek won the gold in Men’s Figure Skating. People probably think this is a bigger deal than we think it is. That’s what NBC told us, anyways.

Julia Mancuso won silver in the Women’s Super Combined. She’s super. That one hot skier was first after the downhill, but crashed in the slalom. We forgive her though. You know why.

Hannah Teter and and Kelly Clark(son?) won silver and bronze, respectively, in the women’s halfpipe. After Shaun White’s performance Wednesday night, this event seemed a little lackluster.

Keep up the good work, America.

Remember world: we’re better than you.