Orange Bowl Predictions


Ohboyohboyohboyohboy… Its here!  


So pumped for this right now, you have no idea.  Ok, you definitely have an idea.  It the ORANGE BOWL BITCHES.  Here’s your predictions.  

BDubs: Tyrod makes Mr. Luck, the future first pick of this year’s draft, look like Ryan Leaf.  The Hokies send the valley boys back to California with a 31-28 victory.  GO HOKIES!!

DiP: 38-24 Stanford andrew luck will pick apart the defence and both him and harbough will exit victorious on their way to carolina

d_w: Hokies win.. 28 – 17… Foster gets the defense moving like we haven’t seen this season, Carmichael picks Luck

BBull: 33-30 Virginia Tech, same score as the Boise game except this time we come out ahead.

Wright: I picked Stanford in my pick em as well, but I’m going to avoid the backlash Dip got and go with a 32-30 VT victory. Field goal kicking remains consistent and Davon gets a late pick to seal the win. Luck has an awesome game though to help his draft stock.

Poppa Gally: HOKIES!!!! A blocked kick and 2 “LUCKY” picks will be the deciding factor!! VT 35 – un-LUCKY Cards 17!!!

CMU Football Analyst: Give me Hokies 42 – Stanford Evergreens 40.  I’m hedging my bets because I predicted a Stanford win in Pick’Em. Gonna be a tight game.

Hokie Ambassador to Philly: Hokies pull out another come-from-behind win, 34-27. I Believe

Maniak: Hokies chop down the trees.  38-24

Hokie Guru: Thanks, folks, for letting me be part of the NorthEndzone predictions (it’s an honor to be part of this blog for game days).  The game will be close.  Both teams have had a month off.  The team with the best running game will win because the passing game isn’t gong to click for either team right away.  Just so happens that we have #RMFW, #DMFE, and #DMFW.  The score will be 31-28.  Hokies win, and we begin next season as a top 10 or even top 5 ranking (and the spring game is April 23, 2011).

GWay: 27-24 Hokies knock off a top 5 team and ring in 2011 with a win.

JMcB: 42-35 VT. No stats needed. I believe.

Token Girl: 28-24 Hokies….in tyrod we trust.

CGally: Let’s go to Lynn Swann…

Lynn Swann: “Well, let me ask you this. What’s you’re prediction for this ball game?”

Corey: “Hokies are gonna win, 30 to 27.”

Lynn Swann: “That’s very interesting. How’d you come up with that guess?”

Corey: “Guess? That ain’t no guess! That’s what it’s gonna be!”

Lynn Swann: “Okay…. That’s fine.”

Vicki Valencourt has nothing on me.

The Northerner: This is going to be a tough one all night long.  Our typical game structure will hold strong, however, start down, come back in second half to win it.  Tyrod and all the seniors go out as they should, with a win.  28-17 Hokies.

I’m so excited, words fail me right now.  I got the shakes, chills and sweats all at the same time.  You better be ready.  Its on tonight.  

Gobble gobble, bitches.