Food Madness – Feastful Four

Since The Northerner is “swamped” at “work”, I am taking over Food Madness detail. Luckily there’s only four foods left, otherwise I’d have told him to piss off.

So here we go. Two more rounds until we can finally get to Hatefest 2010….


#1 Beef vs. #3 Strawberries

Well, beef finally took out turkey, the local favorite. It was a close 26-20 battle with savory cow meat cutting down the nets. Strawberries ROLLED apples, 31 – 17. This one is going to need a taste-test to figure out. I assume strawberries include Cool-Hwhip when voting.


#1 Cheddar vs. #3 Potatoes

Certainly the best combo match-up thus far. Mmmmmm… cheddar potatoes… gaaaaaaaaah


Anyways, as an Irishman, my heart is with the spuds. But the choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck.