Conference Realignment, Virginia Tech, and You

We didn’t have a good picture, and this popped up in Google Images for “conference realignment.”

As you may have noticed, we haven’t talked much about the crazy conference expansion happening right now in college football. We aren’t really into speculation here at the NEZ, so we wanted to see how it ACTUALLY played out. I mean, the last time this happened, I went on vacation in Canada for a week, came back, and we were in the ACC.

So now we have Colorado officially moving to the PAC-10, and Nebraska doing something with the Big Ten (drunk dial, late night IM to come over and “watch a movie”, whatever). This will likely cause a domino effect in which other conferences try to grab other schools, or something.

But really all we care about is, “How does this affect Virginia Tech?”

The answer is we have no freaking idea.

If the Big East gets raided by the Big Ten, the ACC could try to pick up schools like West Virginia (OMG!) or Syracuse (meh.). Or the SEC could try to pick up a few teams… like Virginia Tech!!!

Gene Wojawakkazinski says,

Meanwhile, if the Big East evaporates, then I think the SEC cherry picks West Virginia and then adds Florida State, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech from the ACC. And the ACC grabs some of the Big East leftovers.

Straight from some guy at ESPN: Tech is going to the SEC.

In all seriousness, no one has any clue what’s actually going to happen. The Big 12 could grab Boise State and TCU and that’s the end of it. Or there could be 4 super-conferences of 27 teams each. Who the hell knows.

But whatever you do, make sure to get out there on those messageboards and spread as many rumors as you can. We’re personally going with “Corey Moore requests to become Offensive Coordinator.”