Christmas Song Countdown #11


To fill the void of posts from now until the bowl game, we have decided to count down the top 21 Christmas/Holiday songs out there.  And just because we’re so awesome (and expect a good bit of banter in the comments) we’re not only going for songs, but the specific version of the songs. ·Boo yah. ·That just happened. ·#11, after the jump Now.

In case any of you were wondering, CGally is a liar.  A big fat liar.  “Yeah I’ll post some Christmas songs”.  Lie. “We’ll alternate”. Lie.  “Rex Ryan has a foot fetish”.  Li-oh wait, no, he was right about that one.


Anyways, your number 11 song on the countdown is Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas.

Oh, Elvis.  You were good when you weren’t fat and disgusting.  Tis a shame how you went out.

Question:  Who would you rather be?  Elvis in his prime or The Beatles in their prime?  I would have to choose the Beatles.  I mean they were globally loved and when they did drugs, they didn’t die from them.  That’s always a plus.  Elvis probably got sweeter tail, but that’s not a given.  This one is a tough one.

#12 Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time

#13 Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad

#14 Bobby Helms – Jingle Bell Rock

#15 Adam Sandler – Chanukkah Song

#16 Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas is You

#17 Bing Crosby -·Mele Kalikimaka

#18 Eagles -·Please Come Home for Christmas

#19 Wham! -·Last Christmas

#20 Muppets -·Marley and Marley

#21 Elmo & Patsy -·Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer