Pictured: Our offensive line sucking. 4 linemen on the ground, RMFW blocking. He’s still our boy.

So…. 27-0 in the second half. To say we were out-coached would be the understatement of the decade.

Yeah, it’s a bowl game that no one cared about. But we were freaking embarrassed. Again.

You had 3 weeks to put a game plan together. And what did we get? FUCKING DRAW PLAYS.

Eat my ass, Voldemort. We wanted to let you off this year. We wanted to say all was forgiven. But you are literally the worst person at any job ever.

Wow, Andrew Luck is SOOO good at throwing to wide open receivers. Is he any good at pulling Gruden’s tongue out of his ass?

I can deal with losing, but seriously… W…T…FUCK?!?!?!

What was their big secret? Run the ball to the left?

I swear, if anyone EVER mentions national title on this site again, you are banished to the land of the re-donkulous number of spammers we’ve gotten recently.