One more record for RMFW

Our Bowl game is coming up in the next couple of days, and there is still a record that is within grasp for our man-horse, Ryan Williams.

CJ Spiller tied the ACC TD record in the bowl game (same bowl game I forgot was even on TV until the next morning), when he ended the season with 21 trips to the promised land.

The next two players that can surpass that 21st score include RW and Josh “I like my mascots like I like my women – WASPy” Nesbitt.  However, RW needs only one to tie and two to break the record, while Nesbitt needs three to tie and four to win.  Let’s say his chances of breaking this record are on par with CGally’s chances of fulfilling his 2009 New Years resolution, “to touch a boob”.

On the other hand, Ryan Williams has a great shot of breaking the record, because he averaging 1.66 touchdowns a game.  And since he hasn’t played since over a month ago, he’s got about 6 touchdowns stored up in him.  Chances are good.

So when you watch us beat UT on Thursday night, just remember to take a celebratory shot when you see RMFW dance into the proverbial Wizard Sleeve of football for the second time and officially own the last record up for grabs in the ACC this season.