Immediate Reactions to the ECU Game

There were no other pictures available.  I figured this was a good compromise.

This game didn’t really make me feel much better.  Reasons why after the jump.

Alright, we won.  Awesome.  We stopped our skid and got bowl eligible.  Problem is, I don’t feel much better than I did before the game.
That game last night, while a good win, was just plain sloppy.  Granted we only technically gave up one fumble, but the fumble into the end zone, the fumbled lateral (that was not a forward pass) and the muffed punt were just sloppiness and lack of concentration.  We’re better than that.
On the last couple of drives I got a text message from Maniak, who summed up what I was thinking perfectly, “We aren’t playing to win this game.”  We were playing to run out the clock and scoot away with a win.  We weren’t going at them to get the touchdown to end it, and I understand why we didn’t, but it just showed me a lack of confidence and a lack of drive, probably caused by the two losses we just suffered.  But that shouldn’t be an excuse.  We need to go out there and beat up on a team like ECU when we have the chance.  While they were good last year and caught us by surprise, they weren’t good this year.  Yes their defense was alright, but they also allowed Ryan Williams to run all over their faces.
Which brings me to the good points of the game (just to prove I’m not a pessimist).  First off, Ryan Williams ran all over their faces.  So much for our run production going down the tube when Darren Evans got hurt.  179 yards on 26 carries.  Wow.  What a way to come back from that devastating fumble last week.  Well done, my friend, well done.
Secondly, our defense held the Pirates to 277 total yards.  Not great but not bad.  Plus they only got a field goal out of it.  They also forced three turnovers.  Well done, defense, well done.
Thirdly, just to show you all how right I always am, take a look at the time of possession break down.  35 minutes for us, 25 for them.  In the fourth quarter which defense had their hands on their hips?  Here’s a hint:  it wasn’t us.  That’s how you win games, offense.  Keep the defense off the field, and burn time off the clock.  Also score points.
Now here is something that was interesting, albeit not good.  We scored 13 points in the first half (Ed. note:  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, fucking finally!), however, we only score 3 points in the second half.  Looks like the defense of the Pirates adjusted to our offense, our defense adjusted to their offense (by allowing 0 points in the second half), but again, our offense did not adjust to their defense in the second half.  Our offensive impotency has now switched from the first half to the second half.  It’s not really worth scoring more points in the first half if you’re just going to go and score fewer points in the second half.  I know Stinespring does not have the ability to call plays that our offense can then score at will, but come on.  A field goal in the entirety of the second half?!  This guy is so damn conservative, he must have dreams of Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck making out with him.
And before I finish, can we have a word about the disgusting nepotism that ESPN has going on?  Lou fucking Holtz gets to commentate his own son’s game?  Are you shitting me?  They were fucking talking about how his daughter-in-law makes Pirate Crunch for  the announcers, which if I’m not mistaken, has to cross some ethical boundary or something, you know the one where the head coach of one of the teams’ wife shouldn’t be giving the announcers a present?  And what the hell was up with Holtz wearing a purple tie?  I mean now he is just shamelessly flaunting it in the viewers face.  These guys aren’t even supposed to say who they think will win for games they are announcing (ie. College Gameday) and yet we have Skip Holtz’s dad announcing the game and wearing a fucking purple tie?  Come on!  Unfuckingbelievable.  Best part of the night though, was when Craig James started doing Lou Holtz’s voice back in the studio.  Hilarious. Bumped him up 10 points in my book.
Anyways, game is over, we won, now we move on to the shitshow that is Maryland.  Hopefully we can use that game to cure all our ills.  They should be the perfect elixir.
By the way, happy belated Guy Fawkes Day.  Go blow up a miniature version of Parliament to celebrate.