Go. Away.

Brett Favre. Minnesota Vikings. They’re talking. Favre wants to come back and play for them. They want him to play for them. This deal will get done within the next two weeks. Favre will take about $3-5 million for a one-year contract. Book it.

This has officially been my last post about Brett Favre. Except when he comes back to play. Then I will post about him again, but rest assured that all of those posts will solely be me making fun of how he is a washed up loser and shouldn’t have signed with the Jets let alone with the Vikings. I will post no nice things. If you happen to see me write a nice thing about Brett Favre, look a little closer and you will see that it is more than likely a veiled insult. Or you don’t understand sarcasm. Until then, get your Brett Favre news from ESPN.