Bball Game 11: UMBC

Tonight, we take on the University of Maryland – Baltimore County Retrievers. We’re not even sure what to make of that sentence. Being from Baltimore, we assume they are retrieving some sort of narcotic*.

*Everything we know about Baltimore is from the first season of The Wire.

UMBC is red hot, coming off their first victory of the season over American University. So look out Hokies. Don’t be taking this team lightly.

Seriously, a win tonight will put get the Hokies to 10-1 for the first time in… ever, we assume. And that would be quite a Christmas present.

So to lock this game up, we’re going to the man that provided the greatest Christmas present of all time…

The Old Man

So light up the leg lamp, get out the Red Ryder, and let’s take the Retrievers out back.