Bball Game 10: Charleston Southern

We know that it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but we’ll have to keep this one short. Some times, important things like work, Beer Olympics, and watching Independence Day again get in the way.

But we woke up this morning and realized that Hokie basketball is 8-1 right now. Men’s basketball!! (Remember when the women were good?) And tomorrow night, we take on the sports powerhouse Charleston Southern.

Tomorrow night is special, because it’s Faculty Appreciate Night. As it is again on Tuesday. And then again on Wednesday. We get it, we appreciate the faculty. They’re super awesome*.

*Except Professor Keown. You know what future value has to do with my job? NOTHING. Ya jerk.

So yeah, the Buccaneers come into town at 4-5, and will leave town at 4-6. You know why? Because we have a pirate on our side to take you out.

Steve the Pirate kicking whoever-the-hell-coaches-Charleston-Southern’s ass.

Question: Has any pirate movie actually been rated R?