Another reason why the Maryland Game is a VT Home Game

As if the fact that there will be more Tech fans there than Terps fans wasn’t enough, VT has decided to unveil their new uniforms this weekend.

More thoughts after the jump.


I’m just going to come out and say it.  These uniforms are ass ugly.  Between the slow fade of orange to maroon in the numbers and the fact that they suck, I’m not liking them.  And what’s the deal with new uniforms?  Do we get new designs each year now?  I mean we had the single orange sleeve unis, the orange piping on the maroon unis, the old school throwback bi-colored stripes on the shoulder unis (which were the best of the bunch) and now these.  Can’t we just pick a friggin’ uniform and stick with it?

HOWEVER, the Twerps have decided to make this game one of their “blackout” games, where they make the stadium look like no one is there, so these all white duds are going to basically shit in their faces.  I’m not sure what that means, just go with it.

I still don’t get the choice of debuting these uniforms more than halfway through the season when we play a shit Maryland team away from home, or why we have so many different uniforms in the first place, but I am just a little fish in a big ocean.  I don’t get a lot of things.

Final thought, notice what number they went with for the example jersey?  Darryl Tapp.  Most badass player to come out of Tech.  In my opinion at least.  The one good choice of the uniform designer.