Hokies v. Kansas… in football

The time has finally come. It’s been 31 long days since the last Hokie game. We tried to get by with basketball, but this year, we’re just… just awful. (National Champions in 2009. Mark it down.) But now it’s almost game time!

This is a short preview, as most of us are rolling down to Miami. Maybe someone too cheap to go down can write up a better funnier longer preview (*cough* dip/steve/tim *cough*). But we should win. And if we play up to our potential, we will win handily. But we’re all Hokies, and we all know how some of these games go. At least it will be fun no matter what.

Enjoy the BCS Bowl birth. They don’t grow on trees, you know. But this is an opportunity. Much like the ACC Championship was a must-win for legitamacy, this is just as big. In 1995, we won the Sugar Bowl. Four years later we played for the National Championship. Coincidence? Doubt it. (Yes, I know Vick was a freshman, but the rest of the team was pretty loaded as well.)

Good teams get to BCS games. Great teams win them.

Tech 33 Kansas 17