Virginia Tech vs. Miami Who?

That’s right boys and girls, this week we feature a titanic match-up between two ferocious teams: Virginia Tech and…and um…um…oh, right, Miami, whose name is being forgotten much like their season needs to be. It’s no secret that the Hokies are huge favorites (nearly 17) this Saturday and for good reason. The Hokies are firing on all cylinders while Miami is trying to muster up any sort of spark to get the team going.

Breaking it Down

Hurricane offense: Miami has no offense. Leading rusher Graig Cooper is likely out and Kirby Freeman and Kyle Wright have a combined 12 TDs and 18 INTs on the season while their offensive line has given up 17 sacks.

Hokie offense: The running game is getting a little better, although it is still poor. Tyrod and Glennon have a combined 11 TDs and only 4 INTs on the season. Of course, the line has still given up 35 sacks on the year, but they are playing a lot better now. And then you have our playmaker receivers and the running ability of Tyrod.

Advantage: Hokies

Hurricane defense: This unit is pretty strong, ranking in the upper half of the NCAA in many defensive statistics. Miami actually plays defense similar to the FSU defense, playing lots of man to man defense. The Canes have a solid defense, but their motivation is still questionable. If UVA can put up 48 points on those guys, then the Hokies should have no problem taking it in for 6 many times.

Hokie defense: The Hokies defense has been dominant since their debacle against LSU. Even more good news comes this week when Vince Hall returns to the field. We should all feel sorry for the first guy he hits – it’s going to be earth shattering! Regardless, the Hokies have tons of playmakers in Chris Ellis, Victor Harris, Brandon Flowers, and Xavier Adibi that will eat the Hurricanes alive.

Advantage: Hokies

Hurricane special teams: Nothing really special here. They average right around 20 yards per kickoff return and around 5 yards per punt return. Punter Matt Bosher averages 38.3 yards per kick and kicker Francesco Zampogna is 9/14 on his FG attempts this year. Overall, nothing really eye-popping about this unit. Nothing to see here, move along.

Hokie special teams: Well, this is Beamerball, so we know what we have. Brent Bowden has been excellent with his punts, maintaining an average of 42 yards per punt, while Jud Dunlevy has been spectacular all season with field goals. We would all like to see Eddie Royal break one in his final home game or see the Hokies block a kick; however, we can be confident that our special teams are lightyears ahead of the Hurricanes.

Advantage: Hokies

The list could go on and on, but we’ll let the players do the talking for us. The contest shouldn’t be close as the seniors play their last game in Lane Stadium.

Fearless predictions
Bdubs: 30-10
CGally: 27-6

Bull: 28-7
Steve: 27-13
Dip: 34-10
Lady Gally: 35-7
Random person in my apartment complex: 13-5??? (Is it baseball season?)