Kids Baseball Movie Countdown from 1993 to 1994 – #4 Angels in the Outfield

With the long sports desert known as summer time upon us, we here at the North End Zone need to fill the space with something. We have devised a plan to make everyone long for “the good ol’ days”. Yes, we mean the Golden Age of kids baseball movies: 1993 – 1994. So this series of posts will countdown the top 4 kids baseball movies to come out during this time.
#4 Angels in the Outfield

Danny Glover – Played George Knox, the manager. I’m sure Disney would love to associate with Danny now that he’s buddy-buddy with one Hugo Chavez.

Tony Danza – Played the pitcher in possibly his best movie role ever, aside from his part in The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon.

Christopher Lloyd – Played the part of Al, the boss angel. His hat said AL, which I think actually stood for “American League”. I don’t think his name is Al at all… liar.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Played Roger. Of course, we all know him from his 10 Things I Hate About You fame, when he hooked up with Alex Mack.

Also, Adrien Brody and Matthew McConaughey play small roles in the movie. I think this movie takes the cake over Two for the Money.

Plot summary:

Roger’s dad makes the statement that he will love his son when the Angels win the pennant. Roger takes this as fact. He then prays that the Angels do win so he can be with his dad and his sweet motorcycle.

Actual angels then come down, as they have no little kids to save in world anywhere, and help the baseball Angels play better. In the end, the actual angels abandon the baseball Angels, and the baseball Angels win the big game on their own while the entire crowd flaps like eagles or something.

(Yes, I too find it weird that I should capitalize Angels for the baseball team and not for actual angels.)

Shaky Premises:

Angels could actually help Tony Danza throw a baseball 100 mph.
People in California would actually show up to regular season baseball games.

Anyone would climb a tree to watch the ’94 Angels.

Best Lines:

Photographer: It looks like a prison photo.

JP: It could happen!
George Knox: You can’t go through life thinking everyone you need will one day let you down. If you do, a very bad thing will happen. You’ll end up just like me. (was he talking as George Knox or as Danny Glover?)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, great kids movie. I’m not sure how the Angels went from the arm flapping thing to a Rally Monkey, but whatever. They won the series.

I’ve always wondered if my dad could fake abandon me and say he’ll come back when the Pirates win the pennant. Although, I’m not sure if angels would believe me, and I’m not even sure if they could even help at all.