Hokies win laugher

Not much to report here. For once, our offense was able to win the game for us. Aside from the brief 2nd-3rd quarter stint where Miami was able to generate some momentum, Virginia Tech played its best football all season. Maybe it’s just me, but yesterday’s 44-14 thrashing of Miami was the best game the Hokies have played collectively all year. It has been a positive trend every week since BC, starting with the massacre at GT, the beat down over FSU, and finally this spanking on senior night over UM. So let’s get down to it, shall we?

MVP: Branden Ore
So this is what it feels like to have a somewhat exciting offense! This is our third consecutive game where the offense has put up more than 350 yards, all performances against stout defenses. Branden Ore had his best game all year, as he plowed over a defender each time he scored, which by the way was twice. Sean Glennon was efficient, but he was bailed out numerous times by our outstanding receivers, especially Justin Harper and Josh Hyman; both had AMAZING catches! Our line looked very good, giving Glennon time to throw and creating holes for Ore to hit. Surprising nothing to report on Super T, as he didn’t play much after being banged up.

MVP: Barry Booker
The Hokies were way too fast and they got to Kyle Wright early and often. This defensive unit has rebounded quite nicely since LSU and they should continue their success next week at UVA. Vince Hall returned and had a team high 13 tackles, while Barry Booker wreaked havoc, accumulating three sacks and forcing a fumble in the game. Chris Ellis has also come a long way, folks, and he was dominant yet again.

Special Teams
MVP: Eddie Royal
Congratulations are in order to Mr. Royal. During the game, he moved into first place all-time in the ACC for punt return yards. Aside from that, Mr. Dunlevy was outstanding again, connecting on all three of his field goal attempts while Bowden had a net punting average of 43.7 yards.

Game thoughts…
Like it was said, this was clearly the best game the Hokies have played all season. They continue to get better and grow as a team. It’s tough to envision any scenario where the Hokies lose to UVA, but that could also be the bias in me. The Hokies have really hit their stride at the right moment and that spells bad news for the Cavaliers. Early prediction for next week: VT 35, UVA 14