The Fightin’ Calculators will surely rise!!

From the “Too Good to be True” Department, we are proud to announce the kickoff of the “Find Carnegie Mellon a Mascot” contest.

The school’s nickname is the Tartans, which according to the website: “may bring to mind kilts, bagpipes and an assortment of Scottish Terriers.” (To us it brings to mind some sort of breakfast food.) So rather than settling for Groundkeeper Willie, the school is looking for good ideas from dedicated fans.

With the mighty popular reference to the Carnegie Mellon Fightin’ Calculators in a previous post, we feel obliged to send in our recommendation as well as spread the word. We are officially endorsing the Calc as our pick, but feel free to clog the CMU inbox with great suggestions. Don’t worry, the computer kids probably already have super CMU filters to send the bad ones to the junk mail. Here are a few other third-party canidates:

– Some crazy random anime character

– Cartman’s dwarf character from the World of Warcraft

Test Opscan

As you can see, nothing really stands up to a calculator. “Calcy” will win it all, we are sure. Sorry to any CMU people out there for playing to the dorky perception, but we are pretty jealous of your sweet post-graduate jobs and all. And that Steve McQueen went to your school. And that he was so cool, he got kicked out for riding his motorcycle through the liberal arts building. Maybe the mascot should be a guy in a turtle-neck riding his motorcycle like the FSU Seminole.