The Beginning

Here it is everyone, the first official post. With exactly 2 readers right now, we are well on pace to hit 74 home runs by the end of the season. For historical reference, here’s how this whole thing went down:

  • After birth, a bunch of us went to Virginia Tech, where we became friends/drinking buddies.
  • 2 of the contributors, Dip and Wiley, were on a late night college radio sports talk show. It was on at 2 am Saturday nights. Obviously all students are in their dorms listening to the radio at 2 am on Saturday nights.
  • After learning of the wonderful world of sports blogs, Corey the Entreprenuer decided that his jerk group of friends could easily do that. (He has thought that and said the words “that’s easy enough” many times in the past, with many scars to prove how he performed.)
  • The North End Zone was born. The cycle of life.

So that’s basically it. We will be posting on anything and everything sports related (not neccessarily Tech). If you’re reading this right now, we’ll probably let you be a contributor, too. But once we surpass 200,000 readers, it will get a little tougher. Anyways, enjoy the dawn of The North End Zone.