Roids and Chess

So I was watching a news channel
with one of those tickers at the bottom and read something that did not make a bunch of sense. It said that the World Cup of Chess, in China, will start an anti-doping drug test prior to the start of the tournament. Now let’s get serious for a second, is there any advantage of being on the Roids for chess. Unless they are playing with 200 pound pawns and a 300 pound bishop I see no point. If anything I feel that doping could be a hindrance in a game of intellect. However, I would like to see a life size game of chess where you would have to wrestle the opposing piece down. Like the pawn would be a girl scout and it would go up to a sumo
wrestler for a king. It just makes when a 130 pound chess player is
under more suspicion than a 300 pound football player something is off