How the Hokies will make the NCAA Tournament

Virginia Tech Corner

Virginia Tech has not made an NCAA Tournament since 1996. At this, the 10 year anniversary, it’s time we came back. We have sat through years of Ricky Stokes and Luke Minor, but our time has come. Despite losses this season to Western Michigan, Southern Illinois, and George Washington (who isn’t any good any more), we still have a very doable road to the field of 64.

(On a tangent, we have never beaten Western Michigan. Are you freaking serious? I can understand the first time during the 1976 NCAA Tournament, but 4 straight since 2001? Granted, they have been a 20-win team a few times in those years, but still. It’s directional Michigan. Hell, we have a better record against Duke in that time period.)

So to have a shot at the tourney, a team would need to at least get to 19 wins in the regular season. Disregarding the conference tournament, we will go with 19. Currently, we are 7-3, leaving a need for 12 more wins in our next 20 games. A tough task? You bet, but its can be done.

Despite our record of losing to crappy teams early in the season, let’s assume we become a good foul-shooting team for a few games and can finish off the gimmies. The following 4 should be easy wins:

  • Campbell
  • Marshall
  • Richmond
  • UNC Greensboro

This puts us at 11-3. We also have a game in there against Seton Hall, who is tough to figure out. They are the Pirates, which as a Pittsburgh fan means they suck. (Another tangent: if my team was called the Pirates, I would definitly do my entrance to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.)

With the Seton Hall game and 2 against Miami, if we can come out with 2 wins from those 3 games we’ll be at 13-4 As long as Seton Hall doesn’t use the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme and Miami doesn’t stab one of our players, we could come out with 3 W’s.
13 more conference games, 6 wins needed. Let’s assume we lose to UNC twice and Duke once, putting us at 13-7. We’ll need to win 6 out of our 10 remaining games:
  • @FSU
  • Maryland
  • NC State (2 games)
  • @Georgia Tech
  • Boston College (2 games)
  • UVA (2 games)
  • Clemson

Here’s the Blueprint:

  • Beat 2 out of Clemson, Maryland, Georgia Tech, and FSU
  • Split 2 of the home-and-home sets
  • Sweep one of the home-and-home sets
There it is. 19 wins, and a shot at the tourney. An extra win in the season or in the ACC Tournament would all but lock it up. The toughest part will be getting a 2 game sweep over NC State, BC, or UVA, but it can be done. To wrap this all up in a nice neat package:
  • 4 gimmie wins – take care of business
  • 2 out of 3 against the Pirates and Thugs
  • Beat 2 out of Clemson, Maryland, Georgia Tech, and FSU
  • Split 2 of the home-and-home sets
  • Sweep one of the home-and-home sets
All of that equals dancing in March. I don’t even care what seed or how far we go. The first step is to make it… for the first time since it was still called Virginia A & M.