Casino Royale Options

Casino Royale is possibly the most pure kick-ass movie of all time. However, the choice of Texas Hold ‘Em over the traditional Baccarat is an interesting one. I just don’t see Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan sitting down with Raymer or Moneymaker and having a tense, dramatic game. But does anyone understand Baccarat? No, but that would make it all the more mysterious. (The women that understand the game, in turn become more mysterious as well. Think about it. Would you rather be with a woman that understands Baccarat or one that doesn’t?)

With an inside source on set, The North End Zone has found out the other games considered for the movie, and why they were denied.


Pros: Traditional Bond. Mysterious. Alluring. Like a perfume and high-stakes gambling rolled into one.

Cons: No one knows what the hell is going on.


Pros: Easy. Understandable. Stakes get high.

Cons: So easy, it was used in an Austin Powers movie.


Pros: Great game for confrontation. One – on – one drama by the end.

Cons: Have you ever played a 14 person, 14 deck game of war? Those are 5 ½ weeks I’d like to have back, thank you.


Pros: Did you see those chicks in the movie?

Cons: Unless Oddjob is in it, the chicks are really the only draw.

Paper Football

Pros: Every young man trains for a $150 million paper football tournament since they were in 2nd grade.

Cons: With the one guy’s already screwed up eye, losing another one due to an extra point may ruin the plot.

Go Fish

Pros: Only about a million.

Cons: None, should have been used in the movie.

So as you can see, while Casino Royale is quite the awesome movie, there were some better options than Hold ‘Em. The birth of a new catch phrase: “Go fish, Mr. Bond.”