While it’s obvious the 5 BCS bowls are the mack daddies of the college bowl system, you may not know know which other bowls rate where in the overall spectrum. To be sure, the MPC Computer Bowl is not high on the list, but what is? Well here you go folks, a nice little break down.

BCS Bowls:

Big time payouts for big time teams. You know, like Bosie State and Utah. No real ranking here as they are pretty much all the same.

2nd Tier Bowls

These are for the teams with a decent season, but couldn’t find a way to either win the conference or squeeze into an at-large BCS bid. Good payouts, good matchups. All over $2 million. Maybe perhaps not on New Year’s Day, but that’s really not a measure of quality anymore.

3rd Tier Bowls

While also standing out in the bowl scene, these bowls fall under the $2 million mark. Again, good matchups for some. I’m still not sure how the Big 12 #7 or #8 and the SEC #8 can get $1.2 million a piece, but whatever, it’s a party.

Your Season Sucked

Think you had a good year? Got a winning record? Going to a bowl? Well, if it’s one of these, you can stop patting yourself on the back right now (unless you’re Rice University).

Other facts about college football’s illustrious post-season:

-# of teams in D-1A football: 118

-# of teams that get to the post season: 64 (54%)

-# of teams in D-1A and AA basketball: 326

-# of teams that get to the post season: 96 (29%)

-Of teams in the postseason, average # of games played in football postseason: 1.00

-Of teams in the postseason, average # of games played in basketball postseason: 1.96

-# of basketball National Champions decided like a figure skating competition: 0

In other news, the Carnegie Mellon Fighting Calculators were eliminated from a real live college football game this past weekend. They will certainly never live this down, even with 8 figure incomes.