Did you think we’d leave with any other picture? Come on. Non-Metallica “We’re Signing Off” Song —————- On the eve of the Battle at Bristol, probably the most anticipated game in the history of the world, we wanted to get everyone super pumped by posting our final good bye to the blogging world. When we […]

Game 12: UVA

In Frank Beamer’s last regular season game, we need a win to become bowl eligible. RIP, UVA.

Game 9: Boston College

Last Saturday was so embarrassing, even we’re saying it’s time for Beamer to hang ’em up. More angry thoughts inside…

Game 8: Duke

One last go-round for our favorite picture of all time. Let’s get to it.

Game 7: Miami

Friday night was exactly why we love Virginia Tech football. It’s also why we hate Virginia Tech football.

Game 6: NC State

Warning: the following post is both depressing and completely phoned in. Just like our football team.

Game 5: Pitt

Well, the preseason is over folks! Time for games that count! Guh….

Game 4: East Carolina

Do we have a rivalry with East Carolina? Some say “Yes”. Others say “Shut the hell up”.

Game 3: Purdue

Time to take out these Boilermaker bitches. Late Friday preview, inside

Game 2: Furman

Everyone still hungover from Monday night? Good. It’s Furman Time