Game 12: UVA

In Frank Beamer’s last regular season game, we need a win to become bowl eligible. RIP, UVA.


Game 9: Boston College

Last Saturday was so embarrassing, even we’re saying it’s time for Beamer to hang ’em up. More angry thoughts inside…


Game 8: Duke

One last go-round for our favorite picture of all time. Let’s get to it.


Game 7: Miami

Friday night was exactly why we love Virginia Tech football. It’s also why we hate Virginia Tech football.

Hokie Friday Night Lights

Game 6: NC State

Warning: the following post is both depressing and completely phoned in. Just like our football team.


Game 5: Pitt

Well, the preseason is over folks! Time for games that count! Guh….


Game 4: East Carolina

Do we have a rivalry with East Carolina? Some say “Yes”. Others say “Shut the hell up”.


Game 3: Purdue

Time to take out these Boilermaker bitches. Late Friday preview, inside

fur sure

Game 2: Furman

Everyone still hungover from Monday night? Good. It’s Furman Time